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WCLN Individual Progress Report Block
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The Individual Progress Report Block is installed on the SD50 Moodle as an option for teachers to use. The purpose of this guide is instruct teachers how to add this block to their courses should they wish to use it.

This block will help you and your students keep track of their progress, as compared to their individual goals (for asynchronous programs).

It allows DL/BL students a little extra help with setting deadlines and tracking progress.

As a teacher, you set the items that require deadlines. Students will then have the ability to set a deadline date for each of your items.

As it's a new block, here's an example APPLICATION OF THIS PLUGIN.

Adding the Block to a Course:

  1. Within your course, click "Turn editing on"
  2. In the side panel, find "Add a Block"
  3. Add "Individual Progress"
  4. You should now see the block

Configuring the Block:

Teacher config:

  • Turn editing on > Click gear (edit) > Click "configure...."
  • Typical settings: Ordering in course, Squeeze, No, Yes, Schedule, Selected Activities
  • Select Activities: perhaps not all (too many dates) but just the Unit tests or similar?
  • "Save Changes"
  • Once saved, you can tell students to set their goals.
  • Also, you can view "Overview of students" - see below.
  • first student hasn't filled-in deadlines. Second has. Bright red for "behind due date"

Student config:

  • Each student will see a button called "Set Deadline Dates" on their block.
  • Upon clicking on this button, all of the "teacher selected" items are listed along with a date-selection beside each (see below).

  • Choose a deadline for each and "Save Changes"
  • Once saved, the student see (as below). Green for done, bright red for behind schedule, dark red for not due yet:
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