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How to use the SD50 Notification System.
Last Updated 9 months ago

Visit the tool at:

Click on Staff Login on the top right corner of the website:


In most cases, the tool should see that you are already logged in to your workstation and automatically take you to the back end.  If not, follow the login prompts and log in with your Office365 credentials.

Once in you will be at the Dashboard.  You can click on Post > Add New or you can hover your mouse over Posts and select the Add New option.


The Add New Post window:


Step 1) Add your post title.  eg..  Notice of Busing Delay for Route 1 PM

Step 2) Add your notice:  eg.  Please be advised that there is approximately a 10 minute delay on route one for the afternoon of.  Add the entire text here, this is everything the audience will need to know.

Step 2.5 Optional)  If your message has a document or picture that you wish to include with the post; click on the Add Media.  If you do not wish to add a picture or document please proceed to Step 3.


In the Add Media Section click on the Upload Tab and drag and drop your item into the white space of the window.  Once uploaded the media library window will open with your newly uploaded item highlighted. 

From this window click on Insert into post on the bottom right side.


Once the image has been Inserted into the post, you will be back at the Add New Post window and can continue on to Step 3.

Step 3) Select the Category.  This is the Target Audience for your message.  You may select multiple entries.

Run through a check list:

  • Are spelling and grammar correct
  • Does the subject and content convey the entirety of the message that the audience needs?
  • What measures does the audience have if more information is required?
  • Have you selected the proper Categorie(s) ?

Step 4) Press Publish.

You have now broadcast a message to your entire audience.

Your audience will get the following via email:


Important Notice from School District #50 – {{post.title}}


Hello {{subscriber.first_name | fallback:’there’}},

School District #50 has published a notification: {{post.title}}

You can view it from this link : {{}}

School District #50 Haida Gwaii

You received this email because in the past you have provided us your email address : {{}} to receive notifications when new updates are posted.

The bottom of each message also includes a link to unsubscribe.

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