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Migrating Google Drive from to
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In this tutorial we will be moving files stored in your Google Drive to our new Google Drive.  This process is simply a matter of downloading from one, and uploading to the other.

Downloading your data from Google Drive:

Using your web browser visit and log in with your credentials.  Once logged into you will see a listing of all your files as in the image below:


Select all of the files either by using your mouse, or the keyboard CMD + A.  Once all of your files are selected  some new menu options will appear above the file list.  Click on the 3-dot menu and select Download.


This will compress all your files into a single file and will automatically download to your device when ready.  Depending on the number of files you have and the size of these files this process may take seconds to minutes.

Once the download is complete you will have a file in your download directory called where the x is a string of numbers and letters specific to your download.  Double click on this file to extract the contents.


You have now have a complete backup of your Google Drive.

Uploading your data to the Google Drive:

Sign out of your current Google Drive session and close the browser window.

Open a new browser window and go to and sign in with your credentials.

Go back to your downloads directory where the file we just extracted is open.  Select all of it's contents and drag them into the blank space of the Google Drive window and drop them.


You have now successfully migrated your data from to the Google Cloud.

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