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Signing into Moodle
Last Updated a year ago

Signing in to Moodle:

School District #50 Haida Gwaii supports Google Sign-in. To use this feature visit and click Log in on the top right corner which will bring you to the login page.

Click on the Gmail button on the bottom right hand side of the login window. This will re-direct the to the Gmail sign in page. If already signed in to Google then just click on your name.


First time signing in:

If the user has never signed into Moodle this way before then they will need to confirm the request.  

To do this; sign into Gmail where you will have a new message from Ryan Brown (via School District #50 Moodle). The email will look as follows:


Click the hyper-link in the mail as instructed. Once complete the student registration is complete and the student can now be enrolled into courses.

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