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Get Organized in your Class Team
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Every class team comes with a General channel.

Channels organize all the files, conversations, and apps for a topic in one place. Channels can be created for group work, topics, units, and more.

Every channel has tabs. The General channel has these tabs:

  • The Posts tab for all the messages in this channel.
  • The Files tab to store all the files shared in this channel.
  • The Class Notebook tab.
  • The Assignments tab for creating assignments.
  • The Grades tab for tracking student progress and grading

Add channels

  1. To add a channel, select More options next to your class team’s name, then Add a channel.
  2. Enter a Name and an optional Description for your channel.
  3. Choose whether you’d like your channel to be Standard or Private. Standard channels will be available to everyone. Private channels will only be available to students you choose.
  4. Check the box to automatically show this channel in everyone’s channel list.
  5. Click Add.

Check notifications

See what’s happening in class by selecting Activity in your app bar.

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