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Get Started in Team Classroom
Last Updated 2 years ago

Sign in to Teams

  1. Open on Safari browser and sign in with your school email and password.
  2. Select the Teams app.

Create a class team

You may already have classes set up for you by your IT administrator. If not, create one.

  1. Select Teams Teams button from the app bar.
  2. Select Join or create team > Create team.
  3. Select Class as the team type.
  4. Enter a name and optional description for your class. Select Next.

Add students 

  1. Enter student names and select Add. If your school has already created class groups, ask your IT Admin for the name of your class group.
  2. Select Done when you’re finished.

    Note: To add co-teachers to this class team, choose the Teachers tab and enter names.

    You’re done!

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