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Adding files to OneDrive
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Team members with Laptops and/or Desktops should periodically backup important data.  OneDrive provides a secure, fault tolerant, and private method for which you can backup documents and other data such as photos.  

Please ensure that you are only storing and backing up SD50 intellectual property and not personal data.  

  • To ensure you are using the correct link visit the School District#50 home page by visiting
  • Hover over the Staff Link
  • Click on the Email Login Link nested below.

  • This will bring you to the Office 365 Sign in Page (below). Login with your full email address and click next, then provide the password you were given.


  • Once logged into the Office 365 Dashboard click on the OneDrive iCon on the left side under the Waffle Menu.  If you do not see the OneDrive icon here, then click on the Waffle Menu ( 9-dots on the top left)


  • You should now be in your OneDrive.  

The OneDrive Interface:


  • To add a file to One Drive you need only Drag and Drop.  Left click and hold the left mouse button on your Desktop, File Explorer, or Finder then drag that icon to anywhere in the white area of the OneDrive page and release the mouse.  Depending on the size of the file or folder this may take some time to move.


  • Your data is now securely stored in the Office365 Cloud 
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